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Travel brings inspiration and opens our minds to new cultures, experiences, and ideas. An escape usually equates to time away from the normal every day which gives us a chance to allow the creative juices to flow or remain idle while unconsciously soaking up details. Many choose beach destinations for a getaway while others find release in mountains, cities, or local stay-cations.  No matter the choice, at some point, we all need to recharge, and from time to time, Team Freda plans to share some of our favorite travel spots. 

So it seemed rather ideal to begin this travel series with Megan's recent trip to Sayulita, Mexico. This incredibly eclectic bohemian town by the Pacific Coast is an ideal escape for Megan, co-founder and designer of Freda Salvador, for she finds comfort and peace in vibrant colors, surf, sea and sand (not to mention the plethora of fresh tacos and cervezas). With wild parrots nearby, delicious ceviche, and a community of expats from all over the world offering artisanal, hand-crafted goods and services, one cannot help but to fall head-over-heels for the charm and authentic pueblo setting, complete with cobblestone roads and colorful markets.  

Despite its growing popularity over the past few years, Sayulita still remains one of those best kept secrets. All you really need to do is find a great place to stay, Megan and her family chose Playa Escondida, and the rest of your trip will unfold magically because upon arrival, you will immediately realize how this small seaside town can grant almost every wish. The locals share their favorites spots, the concierge plans the best excursions, and the walkability of this town provides endless options to let your peripatetic tendencies thrive.  Sayulita is definitely a destination to add to your must-go list.