• 02 - 16 - 17
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    Freda Girl

    FREDA Girl: Anndra Neen

    You might recognize our next FREDA Girls, Phoebe & Annette Stephens, from our recent collaboration on a limited collection of footwear adorned with the sisters’ cult label jewelry. We met Phoebe & Annette at a Fashion Group International event an instantly connected over a mutual adoration of Frida Kahlo. We are obsessed with their sophisticated, architectural designs and equally eclectic sense of style.



    Can you tell us a little bit about how you knew you wanted to be designers?

    We grew up in a family where creativity was encouraged. That made us passionate about design and the process of how things were made. Our grandmother besides being a painter and sculptor also designed jewelry. Perhaps it was in our DNA. It all happened quite organically. We had the light bulb moment while we were on a sister trip to Japan. It was such an inspiring city. They have so much respect for craftsmanship and at the same time always looking ahead.


    What’s your creative process of turning your inspiration into a vision from start to finish?

    We usually take one or two inspiration trips a year. We always come back with fresh ideas. We take all that inspiration and discuss the direction of the new collection. We divide the collection in stories and sketch them out. We then send them to the workshop and have them produce samples. We will test the pieces on the body. Once we see it all together, we start the editing process. When its all finalized we photograph it and send it to both press and sales.

     Your jewelry is produced in Mexico City, can you tell us about the decision to produce internationally?

    We are from Mexico City and we knew we wanted to give back to our country and what better way than to work with local artisans. We are all about artisanal luxury; we wanted to create modern heirlooms. We are looking for a return to the kind of luxury that is enduring and personal.


    How would you describe your personal style?

    We have a pretty eclectic style. Everyday is different. We approach clothing in the same way you would a painting. You put things together until it reaches a certain harmony. We are interested in contrasting silhouettes as well the combination of the masculine and feminine. We also love vintage, textiles and anything ethnic that we find in our travels.


    What is the best part of working with family?

    The level of trust and the bond you have with a family member can be very strong. We have always been close and we always wanted to do something together. It’s one of those things that either works or it doesn’t. We complement each other. We share  a similar vision which makes it easier. Besides being sisters we are also best friends.

     What motto do you live by?

    Have discipline and above all be kind.

     Read more about the collaboration on Vogue.com and The Zoe Report.

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